Weekend Movie Binge Watching

Prepping your Living Room for a Weekend Movie Binge Watching

When you’re preparing for a fun movie night at your house, there are many factors to consider and things to put into place. But first, you need to ensure your living room is on par, and you may need to employ any of the cleaning services Cleveland for proper cleanup.

After this, you may need to ask and answer the question; what should a living room movie weekend look like? Should it be only your family, or you should invite friends and neighbors?

Would you need to order food, or you’ll cook for everyone? Will the couches in your living room be enough, or you’ll need to pile them up? What about the light?

The questions do not end there because there are several factors to put into consideration. The exciting thing is that it’s only challenging the first time you try it.

The more living room weekend movies you have, the better you become at organizing consequent ones. However, if you need a few tips to start, continue reading this guide.

5 Tips to a Perfect Living Room Movie Binge Watching

Prepping your Living Room

If you’ve found a new movie or show that you can’t wait to finish watching alone, with family, or with friends, here are a few tips on how to have a perfect living room binge-watching.

  1. Prepare a Comfy Seating

Have you ever used a bleacher-like, uncomfortable chair in a movie theater? How did you feel about it? You felt disappointed, right?

Well, it wasn’t the money you paid that made it feel awkward and disappointing. It was the fact that one of the ingredients to an enjoyable movie is the comfort of the provided seat.

Therefore, you need to transform your living room into a comfiest version of itself. You may need to cover your couch in pillows for extra cushion.

So you can put your feet in a relaxed position, you can add an ottoman. Then, in case you get chilly, have a stock blanket at arms reach to cover yourself.

  1. Shut the Light Out

For clearer visibility, for your eye to receive and process the ray of light from the screen without interference, you will need to shut the light out.

Movie theaters practice this principle for the same reason. As for your living room, you not only switch off the light bulbs, but you also cover the windows.

If your typical curtain does not work, you may need to find the window covering that entirely blocks out the sun’s ray and the glare of the sunray.

If not correctly done, it can ruin your immersive movie experience. If you have colored LED light, you may leave those on. They help set the environment.

  1. Work on the Volume

Want a real movie theater experience? Then get good speakers. Movie theaters turn up the volume to get you into the spirit of the movie.

Good sounds from a good speaker make you feel like you’re involved in the film as you watch. You should seek the same experience in your living room.

If you do not want to invest in a permanent solution, an additional Bluetooth speaker, movie theater-quality speakers, or an old surround system will also do the trick. If all else fails, turn the volume way up.

  1. Prepare Snacks

What do you think is the best aspect of the movie theater experience? The snacks, of course! Snacking is also a crucial aspect of any good living room binge-watching experience.

When you’re hungry, it could lead to frequent pausing and extended activity. You can avoid this by ordering before the start of the movie to deal with the imminent hunger.

Popcorn, ice cream, chips, candy, pizza, etc. are snack ideas for a perfect movie experience. Also, place the snacks you’ve ordered within your arm’s reach.

Place them at an angle where you do not have to look away from your screen before picking them up. You do not want to lose some tangible session of your movie trying to pick snacks.

  1. Prepare a Space for a Post-film Chat

This step is not a compulsion. However, if you are not watching alone, you would need a space to discuss a little, after the movie experience, about the movie or anything in general.

This time, the lights are up, the curtains are drawn for sunlight, and you have some more refreshments as you discuss.

Final Words

You do not have to be at the movie theater to see your favorite movies. Your living room is enough. Follow these five tips and pretend you’re in a movie theater. You’ll get the same fantastic experience.