Love (2015)

Life is not a fairy tale. Murphy the American may well live fully his Parisian fantasy and refuse this truth, she always ends up spitting in his face. He wakes up in a life that he feels he has not chosen.

The Commentary

The Beatles have made love a kind of absolute. Everything we need. On the air of the Marseillaise, like a wink. If there is one place on earth where you know it in this area, it is France. The country of Yves Montand and Pépé le Pew. We are more down-to-earth romantics than the British. We know that love stories end badly, and not that in general as Catherine Ringer sang. They don’t end well all the time! We are realistic romantics. This does not prevent us from loving love, from singing love, from living love to the point of hurting ourselves. We are the children of the Marquis de Sade.

The Pitch

On January 1st, the hangover, the memory of an ex who does not pass. Happy New Year!

The Summary

First awakened early by Gaspar, his little boy, Murphy (Karl Glusman) is verbally assaulted by his girlfriend Omi (Klara Kirstin) about a nascent can.

I think dad is pregnant.

A little hard for a new year’s eve anyway.

Murphy’s answering machine finishes knocking him out: Nora, her ex’s mother, worries about her daughter’s silence.

This message brutally plunges Murphy back into a story that has healed badly. For two years, Murphy had an intense relationship with Electra (Aomi Muyock) and the embers of this story still warm his heart.

Failing to have lived everything together, the two lovers will have gone through many things: the idyll of the beginnings with its lot of beautiful promises …

We made a promise together: I belong to you and you belong to me.

… final arguments with their verbal abuse.

Eat your shit and die.

A condom accident is a blow to this strong and fragile relationship. So singular and at the same time so banal.

With no news, Murphy’s in pain. Overwhelmed by the mistakes of the past and skeptical of his future with Gaspar and Omi, Murphy drowns in his memories. He’s stuck. Prostrated in his bathtub. Haunted by this electric memory.

The Explanation

Love is the blocking.

Life is not a fairy tale. Murphy the American may well live fully his Parisian fantasy and refuse this truth, she always ends up spitting in his face. He wakes up in a life that he feels he has not chosen.

Leave me alone please. She tricked me. Living with a woman is like sharing your bed with the CIA. Nothing is secret. This used to be my apartment. I used to be happy here. Doesn’t feel like my place anymore.

Murphy is coming out of his daydream. This is Paris. Her little boy gets on her nerves just like her girlfriend who was much more when she was only his neighbour. Today, they are inspired only by mutual contempt. It is now in the real world of January 1st, synonymous with renewal and unfortunately taking the form of a reverse to a lost love that continues to destroy it. Bitter flashes remind him of how toxic his dynamic with Electra had become. Murphy closes his eyes and refuses to live in the present while Omi tries to take care of their future. He uses a fantasy as a way to avoid reality.

His ‘love’ turned into opium. Electra did worse than fulfill Murphy’s dreams as she surpassed them. In doing so, she ate Murphy raw. He’s still crazy about it, obsessed with the past. He lets himself be possessed by his ex. No one will know how to raise him as high as Electra. His shock departure leaves a huge void in Murphy’s life, which ends up alone and depressed in his bathroom, apologizing to his little Gaspar for being so weak, in a totally pathetic way.

Love is a pretty lie. One of Murphy’s mistresses cynically confides to him:

The one who falls in love is the one who loses in the end.

Love would be a kind of lottery disaster in which 100% of the losers would have tried their luck. Murphy doesn’t care. The American thinks he’s on top of this. Imperialist of feelings. He persists. Believing himself stronger, he nevertheless ends up repeating the same mistakes, tirelessly taking the same walls.

The couple was exposed to the demands of modernity cracks. It takes on water. Murphy and Electra want to live harder and faster, but their boat is sinking. Their relationship is a total failure. They had promised to protect themselves and not to let anything or anyone stand between them. Yet they are the ones who let Omi interfere in their relationship.

Murphy and Electra ventured a little too far into the forest. Thinking they are smarter than Adam and Eve, they bite the apple simultaneously, with their teeth, thinking they’re limiting the damage. They’re going to suffer.

I wish I could erase this thing from my mind.

Their punishment will be to end up separated. To hell.

One wonders how far the couple can go in the realization of their fantasies. Constantly testing their limits hand in hand, Murphy and Electra will multiply the outings until an avalanche ends up being right about their couple. Too many secrets and little lies will eventually push Electra into Julio, Murphy’s drug dealer. The latter may harbour the regret of not having been strong enough in the face of this violence and thus letting slip the one he loves, or rather that he thinks he loves. Murphy has gone off in his love delirium except that he now has a foot in the real world with his little Gaspar. He has no right to try to pass himself down as a victim of love. Murphy’s Law. Anything that can go wrong is going to happen. We all know that. Forbidden to stay buttocks in his bathtub, nostalgic for fairy tales.

Still, I’m not going to do it.

Give us back our stories of princesses awakened early in the morning by the fresh breath of their charming princes. Just once. The days when we lived happily with many children and it was death that separated us. Please.