About Us

Who we are? Well, you are reading this because you got interested, correct? You will soon find out.

Why did we create this website?

Are you not tired of reading movie reviews just because they need to write it? Well, we are.

Have you tried browsing through movie recommendations and want to puke?

We created this website because we experienced all those we mentioned above and we do not want others to experience it again.

Our reviews will be brutally honest and our movie recommendations are not for the general public. Only for the hardcore movie buffs.


Who We Are

Viollette LeBatelier

Viollette likes to watch action and horror films. She hates chick flicks and swears never to watch them again. When not watching movies, she is out and about as a nature photographer.

Claude Boulanger

Claude is an all-around movie buff and likes almost every movie that he can find that makes sense. He is also a musician by profession.

Beaufort Marseau

Beaufort doesn't like movies that scares the hell out of him. He has a soft spot for tear jerkers and heart-warming films.

Matthieu Bourassa

Horror, arthouse and foreign films are Matthieu's forte. He shuns romantic movies if he can help it.